Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Posture: Marichyasana A

Discovered by the sage, Maricha in Indian mythology. 

This posture comes after Janu Shirshana C in the Ashtanga practice. Left leg extends out and foot is flexed. The right heel draws in toward the hip (outside of foot is in line with the hip so there's space between the foot and left thigh). Right arm reaches out and then internally rotates around the right folded leg. Left arm reaches around the back and right hand binds to left wrist. Inhale to lengthen the torso and exhale to fold forward. Take five breathes in this posture with drishti to nose. 

Benefits include: calms the brain * stretches spine and shoulders * stimulates abdominal organs like liver and kidneys *restores digestive power * abdominal pain during menstruation

Be mindful of the following: pregnant women should not practice this posture after 2nd month 

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