Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fab Find: Custom Yoga Mats

Has your practice become a little dull? Check these babies out... custom design yoga mats from Yogamatic. Now I'm not gonna lie, I love my Manduka mat, it goes everywhere with me but these are pretty sweet! There's one for every personality... take the ones above: couch potato yogi (don't think there's such a thing), computer geek yogi, gambler yogi, Michael Phelps, etc. They're just fun to look through and think, 'would I ever walk into a studio and lay this thing down while everyone is trying to focus and become centered?' I mean seriously, how do you not just fall asleep on the first one? Take a look for yourself and let me know which one suits you! You also have the option of sending in a photo and their in-house designer take care of the rest! You could be doing a handstand on top of the Eiffel Tower! 
Price: $85 

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